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Community Guidelines
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Thread Contributor: GemuCommunity Guidelines
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Community Guidelines

The community guidelines acts exactly as the typical 'rules' do in generally every community. We'll be covering what is and isn't acceptable here in the community of Pauper. If you do not abide by these guidelines, please do expect punishment. If you feel as though your punishment was unjust, please ask a staff member for proof of your misbehavior - we will always grant you the right to see the evidence leading to your conviction. With that being said, evidence can range in more forms than just screenshots or videos. In Pauper, we have a wide variety of logs for us to use at any given moment; these can be used as a type of evidence.

  • Social Misconduct
Social misconduct ranges anywhere from prejudicial or derogatory words, verbal abuse, spamming,  and so on. Here at Pauper, we like to treat all our players with kindness and respect. However, that does not mean we forbid your use of profanity, or simply joking around with a friend. We understand sometimes playfulness can be a bit... "distasteful" to say the least. Notwithstanding, please try to tone down the harshness when doing so - you may offend others. Attempts at trying to find loopholes in the Community Guidelines falls under this category, as well.
  • Deceptive Trade
Scamming, misleading someone into trading, not paying in-full, not performing services promised of you after being paid, and so on. In Pauper, we'd very much like to avoid this quite serious offense; so we dish out hefty punishments for those who enact deceptive trade. Unlike a lot of RS emulation communities, here in Pauper - we will actually conduct an investigation. This will consist of viewing chat logs, trade logs, screenshots and videos if applicable, until we reach a conclusion. Since all of our logs are timestamped, it shouldn't take more than 24 hours to finish an investigation once it's started.
  • Automated Software
The bullet is quite self explanatory. The use of automated bots or scripts is prohibited. However, you may use certain automated software such as "auto clickers" only if you are still present. If you are caught using anything whilst being away from your computer, being unresponsive, you will be punished for this offense. It is very easy for the staff team to catch a player abusing automated software, so please just don't try.
  • Exploitation
Abusing any potential bugs found within the server will result in an immediate termination of your account. We do not take this lightly at Pauper. If there's clearly something out of order with Pauper's design, please do report it immediately. We enjoy having you in the community, so we'd really hate to have to terminate your account. It doesn't matter who you are, even staff members - disobeying this will result in immediate cancellation of your game account.
  • Product Promotions
Advertisements are strictly forbidden here. However, the term 'advertisement' seems to be loosely thrown around these days. We mean it by the dictionary definition: "publicize for the purpose of selling or causing one to want". The mere discussion of products is completely legal, there is no harm in that. Disregarding the latter, if you're having a "discussion" about certain products to cause the player to feel like they want or need it, that is classified as advertising.
  • Staff Imitation
If you are not a staff member - do not act like, or say, you are one. This isn't the most serious offense you can commit, the staff team will just likely give you a stern talking to the first few offenses. Continuation will result in punishment. This guideline also falls under 'backseat moderation'. If someone's breaking a rule, it's fine to let them know. Just don't act like you, personally, will do something about it if you cannot. We have a staff team for a reason, and they will get the job done.
  • Unnecessary Posting - Forums Only
Double posting, flooding the forums, useless posts, and so on. First off, we have an edit button for a reason; please use it, there is no reason to double post unless it's to bump a market topic or clan recruitment. Anything else will be simply deleted, we will not merge your posts. Apart from that, please make useful, meaningful posts and do try to avoid posting on every topic we have just to get your post count higher. Disobeying this guideline will eventually result in you temporarily receiving an infraction on the forums, and may have some of your posts deleted. While we're on the topic of the forums, every rule above also applies to the forums - so please be sure to behave.

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